3 BUMN Buat Bank Patungan, BRI Yakin Masih Bank Terbaik

3 BUMN Buat Bank Patungan, BRI Yakin Masih Bank Terbaik - PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia'm sure there will be the best in the micro banking business despite three government companies, PT Pos Indonesia, PT Taspen, and PT Bank Mandiri Tbk, the bank took the initiative to set up a joint venture in the same segment. However, BRI welcomes the increasing number of players in this business.

"The more people who loan us happy. But I believe the best kept BRI," said BRI president Sofyan Basir in his office, Jakarta, Thursday (31/01/2013).

Sofyan said he was looking at many banks who tried to enter the microcredit business even with massive funding. But the way the new players are forced to shut down its business operations.

"Choking all, stop lah all, right?" he said.

However, Sofyan would expect the same fate suffered by PT Pos and its partners. Few quips Sofyan said, "Hopefully PT Pos experts also make loans. If we really, can not tell-tell stuff."

For information, the number of owned offices and PT Pos Indonesia BRI can not be compared. PT Pos Indonesia only has about 3,000 offices, while BRI has 9400 offices and terraces spread across Indonesia.

Although confident in his position, claiming BRI still think of a strategy to remain a leader in the segment of small businesses.

As is known, PT Pos Indonesia, Taspen, and the Bank Indonesia has signed a memorandum of understanding to form a strategic partnership joint venture bank (joint venture). The signing of a strategic partnership memorandum of understanding three SOEs even directly witnessed by the Minister of State Owned Enterprises, Dahlan Iskan.

The government hopes this venture banks can reach remote areas. However, the amount of capital of each state are included in the joint venture, is still done by each party involved. (Est / SHD)

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